Secrets to Awesomizing® Your Editor’s Back-end Drupal Experience

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Show your content editors some love- Drupal style! In this session I’ll walk the intermediate site-builder through real-world modules and techniques that dramatically simplify and de-clutter content management/creation within Drupal 7. Your content editors will thank you!

Numerous little-known modules and techniques will be covered and demonstrated, and we'll also discuss the bright future ahead of us with Drupal 8

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Tuesday, May 21 - 03:15pm-04:15pm
OR 201 - Phase2
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User Experience (UX)
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I've heard this talk once already and it was filled with great content and lots of humor. I learned a lot. Mike had the whole room laughing at Drupal Camp Atlanta last year.

I attended Mike's session on "SECRETS TO AWESOMIZING® YOUR EDITOR’S BACK-END DRUPAL EXPERIENCE" at Drupalcamp Atlanta last year and it was nothing short of brilliant and hilarious. Content was spot on, very useful tips, tricks and module recommendations. I have already utilized many of the techniques from this presentation in my daily work. Mike kept us all laughing along the way. This is a must see session for designs and front-end devs.

Entertaining and informative. This presentation is full of great tips and ideas for making content management a breeze. Hope to see it again in Portland!

It's well worth looking through the slides for this session to learn more about this much overlooked subject.

Great session! I would say one of the best session. learn a lot and laugh too !
awesome Mike

It is really awesome. I like this session very much. I attended this session and watched the video again. Learn a lot. Thanks Mike.

Thanks diarmy, kruti, and lily!