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An Education. Who needs one? rickmanelius, brandtreed, NewMedia.Steve Educating clients can be a tough endeavor for developers and project managers alike. As a client, discerning how the advice you receive from your development company fits in with your ‘dream’ project... Beginner Day Stage
Beer, plumbers, and free range chicken - True Tales of Drupal in Action reujwils, bhouse If you like interactive discussions about how to succeed managing the development, deployment, hosting, and ongoing maintenance of Drupal sites - come to this session! In this hour, we’ll explore... Beginner Day Stage
Case Studies and Optimizing Content mrf, moscovici, bnthms88 UCSF Template Project: A success story We will be discussing the UCSF Template Project - a web solution we crafted for UCSF which enabled their campus wide web group to quickly deploy small... Beginner Day Stage
CRM Core: Building Portable Features for Contact Management techsoldaten This session covers effective, useful techniques for building portable features for CRM Core. Beginner Day Stage
Drupal 8: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly gdemet Palantir delivers the goods on Drupal 8! Learn from the experts when and how you should start planning your migration strategy. Speakers The Team Beginner Day Stage
Drupal and Alfresco Together: An Open Government Solution djeannot Government sectors are being pressured to become more transparent and communicate government activity to the public. With the leading open source technologies from Drupal and Alfresco, more... Beginner Day Stage Building a Sustainable Drupal Platform kvoelker Beginner Day Stage
Improving Drupal Performance and the teams that build Drupal sites bleep, atedgerton, juaneclark Performance Katas Katas are practice sessions in martial arts. Let's practice identifying and solving common performance problems in Drupal. Session Information Company: New Relic Speaker/s:... Beginner Day Stage
Lullabot Q&A jjeff Questions & answers with Lullabot's Please note this session will be held in BOF room B 112. Beginner Day Stage
Maximizing your servers emandel Simple steps to improve the performance, stability, and scalability of your site. Beginner Day Stage
NEW PLATFORMS Damien Tournoud, robertDouglass, inkookim Smarter Apps: Developing Highly Personalized Mobile Apps Leveraging Drupal and Mobex™ The world has gone from 0 to 60 billion mobile apps downloaded in just the last four years. Consumers are... Beginner Day Stage
Open Atrium 2.0 mpotter Please note this session will be held in Room B112. Open Atrium has long been a leader in open source tools for team collaboration, intranets, and social business software. Now, we're releasing... Beginner Day Stage
Too big to scale? Why enterprise websites fail to scale (& how some companies are breaking free from their own servers) joshk For a large company with a mission-critical site, launch day is a day of reckoning. The bigger the website, the greater the risks. Is your architecture scalable enough to support hundreds of millions... Beginner Day Stage
What is Enterprise Drupal? rgs What are the unique qualities of Enterprise Drupal projects and why is it so important to distinguish them from other projects. Beginner Day Stage
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