Designing on Purpose: Design Process & Deliverables in the Responsive Age

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In a multi-device world, the design process can feel overwhelming. There are so many variables to account for, so many in betweens, and so much to do. Designers are working frantically to keep all the balls in the air. Clients are wanting a window into the designer's work and the ability to review and approve as projects move along. Many designers don't know what the deliverables should be anymore, and neither do their clients. In this session, you'll learn a simple process you can walk your client or team through that will help ensure valuable deliverables, clear goals, and happy clients. This session will touch on a lot of topics, but it will be very practical with specific takeaways you can begin using right away to help organize and guide your next project. The process outlined will not lock designers into specific tools that defy their personal preferences, but rather provide a framework for understanding why and when to do what in the design process.

Topics Covered & Takeaways

  • Design Principles (their importance, some examples, & how to use them)
  • Design Discovery (& the deliverables that flow out of it)
  • Designing with Content Models & Content Hierarchy
  • Responsive Wireframing (in the browser)
  • Designing Visual Systems (& the deliverables that flow out of them)

Who's this session for?

  • Designers (who want ideas for improving and selling their processes)
  • Project Managers (who want an understanding of the design process, how to organize it, and how to move it along)
  • Front-end Developers (who want ideas they can provide to their design teams to help bridge the gaps and provide better communication tools for implementing responsive designs)
  • Clients (who want to understand the design process and know what they should be looking for out of their design/build vendors)
  • Anyone (anyone who's interested in learning about emerging practices and approaches to the design process in the responsive era)
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Tuesday, May 21 - 10:15am-11:15am
OR 202 - Lullabot
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User Experience (UX)
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Thanks for providing details about your session. This looks like a great session.

This was THE session of the day. Thanks Jared. Unfortunately sound is bad in video.