UX Under Fire - On Communicating the Value of UX

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As a UX professional you've probably found yourself forced to argue for the importance of UX in a project. You've probably heard people say that UX is of little importance. And as a designer it's not always easy to explain why UX matters. But UX needs to be justified. And it's your job to do so. In this session I will present ways to convince even project managers from hell about the value of UX.

Attend this session to learn methods to visualize and communicate the value of UX and usability. Using these tools and frameworks you will be able to convincingly argue for why UX is critical to a website delivering what its stakeholders expect.


  • The reasons why UX comes under fire, and the many misconceptions that exist regarding UX and usability.
  • The UX value proposition: How to visually translate the value of UX work.
  • The link between UX and business: How to talk about UX in terms business-oriented people can relate to.
  • A remarkable success story: How a few hours spent on UX increase revenue for an online retailer by 45%!

* I use the the term UX here as a shortening for the wide field of usability, interaction design (IxD), user experience design and information architecture.


If your job includes communicating with the customer, capturing requirements, formulating requirements or helping ensure the project is a good use of your customer's money, this one is for you. In a typical agency you are a UX designer, graphic designer, project manager/lead, technical lead, client manager or product owner to mention some common titles.

Previously presented at DrupalCon Munich 2012 and Frontend United in Amsterdam in April of 2012, this session was very appreciated and highly rated.

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Wednesday, May 22 - 01:00pm-02:00pm
OR 204 - Blackmesh
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User Experience (UX)
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I like the topic of this session.

Is your audience focus only UX professionals? I think it would be good to consider a broader audience (if you haven't already). I suspect some Project Managers and Technical Leads would find this topic of value as well when they communicate with clients.

robeanon: Yes, good point. And they're included when I say: "If you're a UX designer or your job involves managing or communicating requirements or ensuring that projects deliver actual business value – this one is for you".

I hope this makes it. Before the UX designers even start working it's vital to communicate how this is a key to success.

I saw a part of this in munich but missed the end due to a schedule conflict. What I saw was really smart & intuitive, I hope to see this in Portland because it covers a topic near & dear to us all: How to improve the value of our projects and get them built the right way.